Celestial Seasonings

We’re way past eco-friendly. We’re eco-intimate.

We created a print ad to run in healthy lifestyle magazines that directs “tea-hugging” consumers to the Celestial Seasonings app we also created. The app is named LoveX2 and serves as a forum for eco-friendly people to share their upcycling efforts. Upcycling is the process of reusing items like cereal boxes and tea bags for other uses instead of throwing them away.¬†With the app, people can surpass eco-friendly and become the eco-intimate nature lover we should all strive to be.¬†Because this is such a unique campaign I knew I needed to use original photography for the print ad. It took many Celestial Seasonings boxes to finally get the perfect picture and I have more tea bags than one person could ever use but the results were well worth the effort. The accompanying mobile app is an original idea between Brooke and myself. It’s almost like a Pinterest page specifically for people who enjoy upcycling.

My Roles

Art Director

Graphic Designer



Brooke Alexa Wilson


From reusing old plastic bags to repurposing your trash to make a flashlight, Love x2 covers all the ways you can upcycle to lead a more eco-intimate life. This is the first app I’ve designed and I loved it. I’m really interested in the world of coding and user experience design so this was a refreshing way to approach a campaign instead of the traditional print ads.