Earl’s Landscaping Inc.

Planted in Tampa in 1982

Earl’s Landscaping Inc. is a small family owned business in Tampa Florida. They are well known in the south Tampa community but with little to no marketing efforts they were failing to drive as much business as they had in years past. My solution to this problem was a revamped logo, a new company tag line, eye catching business cards, and a new sector of the company called “Gardening with Earl” inspired by the late Earl himself who loved to grow vegetables in his backyard.¬†Overall, I wanted to emphasize the small family owned business aspect of the company by creating an authentic vintage feel in the company’s brand elements while modernizing the business in subtle ways such as helping launch an online payment system in order to drive more profits.

My Roles

Art Director

Graphic Designer

Product Designer


Grow a Garden

The people of Tampa loved Earl, the original owner of Earl’s Garden Shop. Earl’s Landscaping Inc. is a spinoff of the Garden Shop but they still work hand in hand and I wanted to emphasize this union by creating another product they could both use. Earl was always growing vegetables in his backyard so I thought it would be symbolic to start “Gardening with Earl,” a promotion where vegetable seeds sold in custom bags were sold at the Garden Shop and also given to customers of Earl’s Landscaping Inc. as a thank you for doing business with them. The bags are actually made of paper that can also be planted to in your so you can start your own butterfly garden as well.