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Foxtrot is a modern convenience store that offers delivery and in-store shopping. Each store also has a cafe, a destination for fresh eats and coffee.
Unfortunately, access to our growing cafe business was limited to in store transactions. We needed to figure out how to take it online.

My Role

Product Design Lead
Someone holding phone with Cafe Pickup screen openSomeone holding phone with Cafe Pickup screen open
The Background
How the pandemic shifted our priorities and changed our business.

January 2O2O

Prioritizing the Cafe

Leading up to the pandemic, one our main initiatives as a company was building up our cafe business. We wanted to be seen as a go to destination for coffee, breakfast, and lunch.

March 2O2O

The Rise of Delivery

Once the pandemic was in full force, our cafe business was deprioritized as consumer demand was higher for delivery of our market goods like groceries and alcohol. Delivery was now the main focus of our business.

July 2O2O

Shifts in Behavior

Several months into the pandemic, we saw demand for our cafe items start to increase as people began coming back into our stores. But, we now had people waiting in lines in stores at a time when people wanted to minimize the time they had to physically interact with other people.

August 2O2O

Reprioritizing the Cafe

We realized it was finally time to reprioritize our cafe business. But this time, we wanted customers to be able to order their favorite items ahead of time and pick them up in store quickly. To earn their trust and their business, we needed to take our cafe business online.

People sitting at the Foxtrot Cafe in a Dallas locationPeople sitting at the Foxtrot Cafe in a Dallas location
The Foxtrot Cafe in Dallas
The Game Plan
We wanted to build a bridge between our online channels and our retail locations.
Designing for the Customer
We created a new section in the iOS and Android apps that allowed customers to customize, order, and reorder their favorite cafe items.
Cafe Pickup home screen
Home Screen
Product page for Iced Mocha in Cafe Pickup
Product with Modifiers
Customization sheet displaying all the modifier groups for Iced Mocha in Cafe Pickup
Modifier Sheet
List of recently ordered items in Cafe Pickup
Past Orders
Top half of a Cafe Pickup order before checkout
Top of Order
Bottom half of a Cafe Pickup order before checkout
Bottom of Order
Confirmation screen showing which store order is being sent to in Cafe Pickup
Confirmation Sheet
Success message after customer places order in Cafe Pickup
Success Message
Designing for the Cafe
We created a system called "Cafe Merchant" for the store team to fulfill online orders and manage inventory for cafe items.
List of incoming Cafe Pickup orders
Order Queue in Cafe Merchant
List of modifier availability for Cafe Pickup
Modifier Stocks in Cafe Merchant
Enabling Modifiers
We added a section for modifiers to our item management system so our merchandising team could easily edit cafe products.
List of modifier groups associated with Iced Mocha
Managing Modifiers on a Product
List of modifiers in the Flavors & Syrups modifier group
Managing Modifiers in a Group
Cafe Pickup is now the fastest growing segment of our e-commerce business
Monthly orders
YOY revenue growth
Customers a week
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