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The Trunk Club recruiting team wanted to overhaul the way people search and apply for positions on the company's career website.
I set out to create an experience that would highlight Trunk Club's values, individual team dynamics, and benefits of the job.

My Role

Web Design Lead
Laptop displaying Trunk Club Careers home screenLaptop displaying Trunk Club Careers home screen

Creating a Structure

The HR department came to me with the simple ask of incorporating our company values and more employee images. The rest was up to me. So naturally I began by doing research.

I did an in-depth competitive analysis that included career sites from companies like Square who I felt did a really good job of selling their work and their workplace. Then I continued by researching what information is most important for today’s job seekers and what factors convince them to actually submit a job application.

After reviewing my research, I presented it to stakeholders and we aligned on a new structure for our career site. The experience would highlight our values, open positions, our locations, and the benefits of the job.
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The front door of the Trunk Club New York Clubhouse
The front entrance of the Nordstrom store on Michigan Avenue
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The First Impression

In a 2017 Talent Board research report, job seekers were asked to identify what career marketing content has the biggest impact on their perception of a company. 49% of respondents cited company values as the most important factor.

Home screen of Trunk Club career site displaying the company values

Finding Your Next Job

According to IBM Analytics, candidates who are satisfied by their hiring experience are 38 percent more likely to accept a job offer. My goal was to ensure all candidates could easily find potential job matches and seamlessly submit their information directly on the Trunk Club career site.

List of open positions at Trunk Club
Team page displaying team photo and employee spotlight
Job description page
Application form at the end of job description

Choosing a Location

Since Trunk Club had several offices across the country, I used a map to visualize the spectrum of working locations. Also, each office had its own unique character. I included images of each to showcase that.

Location page displaying a map of the USA with pins over Trunk Club locations
Page for Trunk Club New York clubhouse

Exploring the Benefits

I wanted Trunk Club to differentiate itself from other employers by being more specific with the perks of working there. I also wanted to use actual images of our employee coffee bar and rooftop in order to be even more transparent about the unique work environment.

Page listing the benefits of working at Trunk Club
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Laptop displaying Trunk Club Careers home screen
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