Cody Williams

Freelance · Logo Design

The Problem

Cody Williams is a PGA Apprentice who needed a new logo for his business cards as well as clothing gear he wore while on the course. Since the logo was to be embroidered I knew there were logistics I needed to keep in mind.

The Approach

My goal was to design something with thick lines that could easily be digitized for embroidery. I designed several options and sent them to him for feedback. One design stood out from the rest and we iterated on it until we both loved it.

The Results

Cody and I have very similar tastes when it comes to design so working for him was great. It was also fun to design something for the golf world, since it’s something I don’t often get to explore.
Person hitting golf ball with custom logo overlayedPerson hitting golf ball with custom logo overlayed

The Final Logo

We finally settled on this logo design because it checked off all the boxes. It’s simple and modern and would translate easily to clothing items like embroidered hats and polos.
Custom logo design in white and green of the letter "C" on top of a golf pin
Business card with custom logo design in gold foil
White polo with green collar and sleeve hems with custom logo embroidered on chest
Custom logo embroidered on tan fabric
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Cody Williams
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