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Foxtrot orders were being delivered with the wrong items or missing items. Additionally, They were often delivered well past the promised delivery time.
My product manager and I were tasked with architecting a system that would reduce fulfillment errors and increase efficiency.

My Role

Product Design Lead
From the Customers
A few of the comments we received regarding our ability to accurately & efficiently fulfill delivery orders.
A five star rating system with only one star highlighted
Inaccurate Inventory

“Every time I've ordered something from Foxtrot they call 5 minutes later to say certain items in my order are out of stock. Very frustrating.”

A five star rating system with only one star highlighted
The Worst

“Every time I try to give them another chance, they fail again. Never seem to be able to get the order right-ALWAYS forget items.”

A five star rating system with only one star highlighted
Trash Service

“Fails to deliver items and you have to haggle for an hour to get half-a-refund for undelivered items. Good luck.”

Understanding the Problem

Up until this point, most of my time at Foxtrot had been spent working on customer facing projects. I was unfamiliar with the tools that store teams were using to power our e-commerce business. I was excited for the opportunity to immerse myself in the operations of our business.

I visited six Foxtrot locations and asked the store manager for each to walk me through the process of how their team picked and packed items for an online order. I also spoke with countless store team members about their experiences and how we could improve the process.

Though each store had its own unique way of fulfilling online orders, the core workflow they followed was roughly the same. My goal was to document that core workflow while being cognoscente of the small variations across stores.
People sitting at the Foxtrot Cafe in a Dallas locationPeople sitting at the Foxtrot Cafe in a Dallas location
The Foxtrot Cafe in Dallas
After outlining the order fulfillment process, we were able to identify key issues that spanned across all of the stores.
Lack of Proper Tools

The order was displayed to the team on a desktop computer. It’s not very easy to carry a desktop computer around the store with you as you pick the items in the order.

Unnecessary Steps

The store team was operating off technology that required them to transfer orders from our internal tool (Merchant) to our point of sale system (Clover) by recreating them.

No Form of QA

Between transferring the order to the POS and manually selecting items from the shelves, there was a lot of room for store team members to incorrectly pick or forget items.

The Opportunities

We saw two areas that we believed needed to be overhauled in order to improve order accuracy, inventory accuracy, and fulfillment times.
Integrating with Clover

For every online order, pickers had to recreate the order in our point of sale system to actually fulfill it. This created a bottleneck in the process that we could easily avoid by finally taking the time to fully integrate our e-commerce business with Clover.

Providing Better Tools

Store team members fulfilled orders using a desktop computer and a Clover device. This made it hard to physically pick orders because neither device was easy to carry around the store. There was also no way for pickers to verify the item they picked was the exact item the customer ordered.


The Future of Picking

Our goal was to build a mobile app that allowed store team members to manage all online orders quickly from the palm of their hand. The app would be fully integrated with Clover, eliminating several redundancies in the fulfillment process. It would also allow pickers to scan items as they picked orders to ensure order and inventory accuracy.

I designed and documented the Pick & Pack app over the next two months, working closely with my product manager and stakeholders to make sure we were building the best possible product. My main challenge during this time was establishing a workflow for actually picking items. We ended up creating a process that allowed store team members to not only pick items, but replace items and add items to orders as well.
Claiming an Order
Pickers could claim an order to start picking by selecting it from a list or just automatically selecting the next order in the queue.
Pick & Pack home screen with large black button to claim order

Home Screen

Unclaimed order with list of items and black button to claim order

Unclaimed Order

Order details for a delivery order

Order Details

Scanning an Item
Pickers can scan items and be alerted if they’ve scanned the wrong one. If there are multiples of an item, they are asked to confirm the quantity they actually picked.
Phone with camera open scanning the barcode on a wine bottle

Open Scanner

Phone with camera open scanning the barcode on a wine bottle with an error message

Incorrect Scan

Phone displaying a dialog box with an input

Confirm Quantity

Correcting Issues
Inventory discrepancies and other issues happen often. Pickers can add, remove, and replace items as well as mark items as out of stock or force pick them without scanning a barcode.
List of actions that can be performed on an item presented in a native action sheet

Item Actions

Phone with camera open ready to scan a jar of peanut butter

Replacement Scan

Sheet displaying the details of a replacement for peanut butter

Replacement Details

Submitting an Order
When all the items in an order are accounted for, pickers can submit the order as packed and automatically print a ticket with the necessary notations.
Picked order ready to be submitted

Packed Order

Confirmation sheet for delivery order

Delivery Order

Confirmation sheet for pickup order

Pickup Order

The Pick & Pack app is in use at every Foxtrot location today. It’s implementation resulted in an improvement in several key metrics.
Minute decrease in avg. pack time
Increase in perfect order rate
Of appreciative customers
The app now has a dedicated product team and has expanded to include tools to help store teams perform functions outside of order fulfillment.
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